PHOTO: $30,000 (N4.91M) Coffin with Built-in Stereo Sound System Unveiled

Fredrik Hjelmquist’s CataCombo Sound System is now offered for integration into luxury coffins. The stereo system shall pipe the music into it “for audiophiles on the other side.”
At $30,000 (N4.91M), the coffin comes equipped with speakers and a Spotify music streaming account. And while the party might be going on 6 feet underground, the living can share in the experience by changing the mix online or seeing a digital readout of what’s playing on the tombstone.
The idea of this invention is not clear, cause if you can hear the music while lying in your coffin, you probably shouldn’t be in it just yet!
In fact, “Rest in Peace” has been changed to “Rest in Style”!?

Dhizzkid’s Blog


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