Romance With Yahoo Boys: This Is My Story –– Alhaji ‘GAY’ Rasaq

Yesterday,we published a story of how some men are extorting yahoo boys in Lagos and how they are using the name of the IG of Police, MD Abubakar to operate. The message was sent to me by a young guy who gave his name as Ibrahim Dipo.

Anyway, the man who was accused of using ‘fake’ security personnel to dupe Yahoo boys, Alhaji Rasaq got across to me and gave his own side of the story. He said he is a patriotic Nigerian who is helping the Police and the EFCC to tame the activities of 419 and Yahoo boys.

He said the IG of Police is aware of his actions. Below is a note from Alhaji Rasaq:

Dear Olu Famous,
I have helped the Nigerian Police and EFCC arrest over 500 yahoo boys in Nigeria, they know I have done a good job so far. I started with police men from Alagbon when the IG confirmed I am doing a good job, he invited me to Abuja and assigned the Commisioner, DIG and AIG, EFCC Chairman to work with me. I have made them recover a lot of expensive SUV’s and properties bought by yahoo boys and 419ers.

Nigerians should always thank me for a good job as the Police authorities has always have my support.

The Allegations [by Ibrahim Dipo] are not fully true because we returned his car back to him, the money in his account was not up to that amount; it was just below N2million and the IG took the money from him because it’s stolen money.

Please publish it so people will not see me as a bad person and give me a bad image.

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