No Perfect Man

SINGLE LADIES, let’s talk about something very important…
As a woman, stupidity is when you sit back cross-leg and search for an already made man.
In case you don’t know, every already made man out there, has a woman who has been with him from when he had only a pair of shorts and a single shirt. That’s why majority of well to do men, usually make you nothing but a sex-toy, for you mean absolutely nothing to them.
He might cheat on her with you, but truth is, he will never leave her for you!
If you are guilty of hunting for an already made man, then I tell you, my dear you are such a cow, you actually need horns.
When good healthy brains settles, yours floats!
That man who is head over heels in love with you right now and you are taking for granted this minute…
He may not own a car.
He may not earn a lot of money.
He may not live in a posh estate.
He may not be able to shower you with gifts all the time.
He may not have a great job.
But it’s enough to know you are the only one he craves for and loves unconditionally…
If he has a heart of gold.
He is Honest.
He is very hard working.
He is humble.
He keeps that smile on your face.
He talks to you everyday.
He actually listens to you.
He tolerates you when you’re moody.
His family knows you.
He tells you, your beautiful all the time.
He sees you every chance he gets.
He appreciates the tiniest things you do.
He is there, when you need him.
He respects you.
He is proud you are his and likes showing you off.
And he treats you like a queen, my dear you are indeed lucky to have him.
He may not have it all now, but one day he will…
He may not be living his dream now, but one day he will..
And as he pictures all this, he pictures you.
Ladies, there’s no perfect man on earth, never you forget this fact. Learn to appreciate that man in your life who strives to be all you
need. That man who promises you nothing but tries his utmost best to give you everything.
Ladies, appreciate he that is in you, and to you men, don’t be goats or act like dogs, appreciate and be all the above to your women. Let genuine love lead.
Cheers and do have a great day!


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