Jonathan Should Arrest Him –– Asari Dokubo

Is Asari Dokubo really helping President Goodluck Jonathan or causing more problems for him? The more he continue to talk tough as thou he has what it takes to impose Jonathan on Nigerians, the more people are getting tired of the poor leadership from this government.
According to those who know the law, Jonathan’s eligibility to contest in 2015 is less than 25% as Supreme Court had already ruled that Governor Rotimi Amaechi, who took over from Celestine Omehia in Rivers state cannot go for another term in office. That means Amaechi will be governor for less than 8 years.
Jonathan too, it is strongly believed, cannot contest in 2015 because Supreme Court also ruled in the case of ex-Governor Timipre Sylva and 4 other governors, that “No governor or President” can be in office beyond 8 years. Since Amaechi and others will spend less than 8 years, it could apply to Jonathan.
But instead of Jonathan’s ” brothers”, people like Asari, to go to the supreme court to clear this issue, they are busy creating more enemies for Jonathan.
President Olusegun Obasanjo made Jonathan what he is today in Nigeria, at least 50% (to be modest). So how does going after Obasanjo or arresting him as suggested by Asari, change anything?
If Jonathan is allowed to return as President in 2015, he would serve 10 years in that office. Is that something that the law would permit? We need a clear answer to this question; not shouts from Asari.

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