Trailer crushes five persons in Ibadan

IT was a pathetic sight yesterday at Eleyele in Ibadan North West Local Government area of Ibadan when an articulated lorry crushed about five persons.
One young lady was crushed beyond recognition while four other persons sustained serious injuries. The accident happened around 12:25pm some metres away from Eleyele roundabout.
The truck which was marked XA 178 BDG loaded more than one hundred bags of cement and was coming from Dugbe end before the accident happened.
When the driver, who looked like a 23 year old man could not control the truck, it ran into an 18-seater commercial bus, some motorcyclists and other passersby.
After crushing the victims, it headed to another story building by the road side. But the locked iron gate of the house prevented it from going inside the building.
The remains of the young lady whose passports and other personal effects scattered on the road were left as people who could not withstand the gory sight ran helter skelter.
After a distress call to the Oyo State Mobile ambulance, it came and took the injured ones to the hospital. Though, the two drivers tried to escape, the people in the area chased and got them arrested.
In a related development, another truck that loaded scores of bags of cement also ran into a Church, Save and Serve, Eleyele just some close distance to the spot of the other accident.
An eyewitness said the truck was trying to ascend a hill when its brake developed faults, turned back and broke the fence of the Church. But, there was no reported casualty.
Residents in the area complained that  trucks always have accident on daily basis because they carry more than the capacity of the truck.
Policemen were at the scene controlling vehicular movements to prevent traffic snarl.


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