A RELATIONSHIP is not about having a handsome boyfriend or having a beautiful girlfriend.
Its not about looking for a perfect person coz there is no any perfect person on earth. Its not about looking for a well off or rich person. MONEY CANT BUY LOVE. A relationship is finding someone who respect u,who care about u anyway he/she can afford,who understand u,who is proud of having u,who loves u the way u are,who is faithful to u,who knows how to comfort u,who knows how to encourage and who would accept the worst of u and who will go through everything without giving up on u. Such people are very rare to find these days . If u have got one ,just keep that person,handle him with extra care,be honest and contented with that person don’t ever think of hurting or letting down that special person.Love and Be Loved,it makes the world a merrier place to be.


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