Tricycle operator commits suicide in lover’s home

WARRI — A tricycle operator, weekend, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in the residence of his lover at Okpokiti Street, Warri South Local Government Area, Delta State.
Vanguard understood that the deceased committed suicide because his lover left him in her house to sleep somewhere else.
When Vanguard correspondent arrived the scene, neighbours were seen discussing the incident, while homicide detectives from the ‘A’ Police Division, Warri, came to remove the dangling remains to the morgue of the CentralHospital, Warri.
The policemen, who declined comments later took the girlfriend away for questioning.
A tenant, who pleaded anonymity, told Vanguard, “it all started last night (Saturday), when we heard the deceased and his girlfriend arguing.
“I was sleeping in my room when I heard them arguing. It is like the young man wanted to spend the night with the girl, but the girl refused.
“The argument got to a point and the girl told the boy that if he was going to spend the night in her house, she will not sleep in the same house with him.
“The boy told the girl that if she leaves, he would kill himself. The girl, thinking that the boy was joking, told him to go ahead and kill himself, left the boy in the room and went to go and sleep in another place.”
It was gathered that when the girl returned in the morning (yesterday), she discovered that the door was locked. She alerted her neighbours, who helped her to force the door open, only to see the lifeless body of her boyfriend dangling from a rope.
The community people took the girl to the police station. A senior police officer at the ‘A’ Police Division stopped Vanguard from speaking with the girl, saying she was undergoing interrogation.


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