Kanye West for the First time Dedicates song to his new fiancee Kim kardashian

Kanye West is currently on his Yeezus tour and while performing his show in San jose yesterday Kanye did the unexpected.

Few days after going down on one knee, Kanye shocked his audience by dedicating his song Bound 2 to his wife to be, also by calling he his fiancée for the first time, to Kim’s, her family and the crowd amazement.

What shouldn’t come as a surprise is that the song Bound 2 was originally writing about his romance with the Reality Tv star.

He said “You know what song this is, right? I want to sing this song to the birthday girl that’s back there right now, my fiancée”

He also showed his softer side by advising the crowd “If you came with somebody that you love tonight, Hold on so tight”
“What I’m trying to say is it’s hard to find you”..

kanye proposed to his now fiancée on her 33rd birthday in San francisco in a rented out AT&T stadium by hiring an orchestra and with a $3 million 15-carat ring in front of het family and friends.


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