Fellas, The Surprising Thing That Turns Women On

Candles are a conventional home accessory for getting your partner in the mood for sex, but a new survey conducted by British entertainment brand Mecca reveals that guys may want to head for the linen closet instead.
In a study of more than 2,000 men and women in England, researchers found that next to losing weight, clean bed linens topped the list of things that make women feel in the mood for sex (ranking higher than a new hairdo and makeup, and that ever-popular hot bath).
Interestingly, there was a household trigger on the list of turn-ons for men and well. Cleaning came in at number 10, a trigger that psychologist Tracey Cox says shouldn’t come as a surprise.
“Because the majority of men do not see it as their ‘job,’ they feel a level of achievement,” Cox told the Daily Mail.
‘They probably think their chances of getting sex are higher because their partner will be happy with them and more inclined to provide them with a ‘reward’ like sex.


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