Personality Interview (Part One)

I have this gorgeous looking ambitious lady on my facebook and blackberry.I decided to have a short interview with her just to give out for kinda advice to young ladies out there.Below are our session(there are cuts):
Valentino: “Hello diva,may we know your names”
Reply: “My names are Lilian Onyekachi Onuoha”

Valentino: “when did God sent an angel like you down to earth”?
Reply: (laughs) well that was on 28th August,198*

Valentino: can we know where you hail from?
Reply: Am from Nwangele LGA of imo state,but I was born and grew up in Lagos state.

Valentino: Can you shed more light into your educational background?
Reply; I had my primary and secondary eduaction,later gained admission into Olabisi Onabanjo University where I studied Psychology.

Valentino: what would had made a charming diva like you go for Psychology as a course of study?
Reply: I have always had a passion for listening to people and understanding them.being able to know what another person would say or do at a particular time makes my heart beat faster *smile*

Valentino: What are your hobbies?
Reply: I enjoy reading and dancing,plus a whole lot of things that would make me happy

Valentino: what are your likes and dislikes?
Reply: I love honesty,simplicity,a gud heart,I love children,gud food,respect,rainy nights and money (chuckles) and I dislike the opposite
I love good food,and am daring wen it comes to food,I try about everyting but I love white soup and pounded yam,and as for dressing,I love casuals,simple and moderate.

Valentino: what were your parents’ stand on your choice of study?
Reply: Well,my mom loves whateva makes me happy,but my dad,(of blessed memory)always wanted me to be a doctor,he’s late now,so I realy don’t knw his take on this now.

Valentino,If you’ld recall your time in school,what would you say about it?
Reply: Well,I wuld say fine,though I was mostly alone,am an indoor person,don’t party or club cos I hate loud places,I had few friends dat I had very wonderful times with.

Valentino: what are your experience with the masculine folks
Reply: *clears throat* Not much,few ones that has realy imparted my life,whether good or bad,I learnt from all of them.Well,am not one that cheats,I don’t know how that is done,so am veri picky when it cums to relationship

Valentino: So are you in one for now?
Reply: I can’t categorically tell you yes or no,but all I can tell you as of now is its bot clear for now. *chuckles*

Valentino: Alright ma’am its been fun chatting with you,we’ll continue in the next episode of the #PersonalityInterview.thanks for your time
Reply: you very much welcome.

Posted By Valentino Godwin


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