Won’t Give Gift To Any OAPs To Play My Song On Their Show-Nomoreloss

Nigerian music artiste, Nomoreloss has called out On-Air Personalities in Nigeria who charge artiste before their music can be aired.

He stated that foreign artiste do not pay the Nigerian OAPs to get air plays but yet they play their music on their shows and then demand money from Nigerian artistes.

He said he understands when promoters ask for payment to cover logistics but does not agree with the fact that artistes pay OAPs to do their job. 

However the angry Nomoreloss said he doesn’t have any gift to offer any OAP in exchange for his materials to be used on air. He also stated that the problem is not really from the OAPs but from the artistes who are ignorant.

The artiste says he thinks when music artiste start to summon courage to mention the names of OAPs who has demanded money from them for air play, the whole trend will stop. 

Do you agree with him?

Posted By Valentino Godwin


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