Listen up ladies! Pastor Tony Rapu shares important tips for #MarriedWomen [MUST READ]

Last week, Pastor Tony Rapu, the Senior Pastor of This Present House Church in Lekki, Lagos, took time out to share some advice for married men.
This week, he has decided to talk to the women. From making the bed to physical intimacy with your husband, Pastor Rapu shares vital tips that many will find useful.
Here’s what his timeline looked like today:

If there’s anything a man hates in his life, it’s a nagging wife. Please stop nagging. #MarriedWomen
Your husband is not a ‘project’. He’s not yours to change or fix or mould. Please he is yours to love. #MarriedWomen

A nagging wife is like water going drip-drip-drip on a rainy day. How can you keep her quiet? (Proverbs 27:15 GNB) #MarriedWomen

Stop looking at your husband to be the one to make you happy. That’s actually your job, not his. #MarriedWomen

A husband’s greatest need in this world of marriage is to be respected by his wife. #MarriedWomen

When you give to your husband without expectations, then God somehow begins to meet your expectations. #MarriedWomen

Your husband truly wants you to be happy but he really doesn’t want to be blamed when you’re not happy. #MarriedWomen

Look in the mirror & learn to love what you see. A woman who loves her body takes care of it for her husband. Love your body. #MarriedWomen

The successful mathematics in marriage is to give 100% and expect nothing in return. #MarriedWomen
Stop expecting your husband to be what he’s not. Unmet expectations will be the greatest source of sorrow in your marriage. #MarriedWomen

You have to make forgiveness a habit. In big things and in little things. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. #MarriedWomen

I’m not sure your friends will give you objective advice about your husband. Why make them your counsellors. #MarriedWomen

Try to overcome little annoyances, like when your husband leaves a wet towel on the bed. #MarriedWomen
Men are not wired like women and your husband doesn’t even know he is being insensitive to your needs. Tell him nicely #MarriedWomen

Stop saying “I will leave you one day” or “I want a divorce” whenever you quarrel. In the end it will backfire. #MarriedWomen

Stop being so needy, it drains your husband. #MarriedWomen

Never criticize your husband. It builds resentment in him. #MarriedWomen

Why don’t you compliment your husband on what he does right rather than tear him down for what he does wrong? #MarriedWomen

When your husband does something you appreciate, it’s nice to let him know. #MarriedWomen

Do you realize that the more you try to force your husband to do something or restrict him, the more he’ll try to escape? #MarriedWomen

Why do you even bother going through his text messages? There’s no need. Stop it. #MarriedWomen

Your husband needs time to chill in his ‘man cave’. Please leave him alone. #MarriedWomen

You may not understand why he loves to watch sports or violent movies. You don’t have to understand. Give him his space. #MarriedWomen

Focus on what you love about your husband and please leave the rest. It’s not for you to change him, that’s God’s job. #MarriedWomen

Make the bed. Thank you. #MarriedWomen

If you try to control, restrict or cage your husband it will take away that ‘thing’ that makes him a man. He’s a free spirit. #MarriedWomen

Speak clearly. You will be angry with your husband and he will have no idea of what he said or did to annoy you. #MarriedWomen

Don’t walk away after you’ve spoken your mind to your husband. He will hold it against you and bring it up later. #MarriedWomen

Don’t give your husband the ‘cold shoulder treatment’. He will escape from home. #MarriedWomen

Stop waiting for your husband to arrange a date or give you what you want, take responsibility and create it yourself. #MarriedWomen

Criticism and control will only make your husband shut you out. #MarriedWomen

Sex is a core need for your husband. It anchors his soul to yours. #MarriedWomen

Frequent meaningful physical intimacy is what connects your husband’s heart to yours. #MarriedWomen

Pet your husband. Massage his shoulders. Give him a manicure. #MarriedWomen

If you shut your husband away from physical intimacy then you’ve cut off his most important connection to you in his world. #MarriedWomen

You have to love your husband even when he is unlovable. #MarriedWomen

Serve your husband even when it seems he doesn’t appreciate your service. #MarriedWomen

Be sensitive to your husband’s physical needs even when you’re tired. You can do all things thro’ Christ who strengthens you. #MarriedWomen

Please stop airing your dirty laundry in public. Your husband just hates it #MarriedWomen

Teach your children to respect their father. Make them see him as a hero. #MarriedWomen

Please make your house a welcoming home. #MarriedWomen

This night out thing with the ‘girls’ is really a risky thing you’re doing. #MarriedWomen

Protect your husband. There are she-wolves out there. #MarriedWomen

Do all things without grumbling and complaining. #MarriedWomen

It’s not nice when your husband is the subject of your girlfriend’s gossip and petty quarrels. He’s a man. Protect him. #MarriedWomen

Pick your battles. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t fight over little matters. You only stress yourself out. #MarriedWomen

Be very careful about reading romance novels. They give you a false illusion of life. #MarriedWomen

Please stop comparing your husband with anyone else’s. Do you know how they live? #MarriedWomen

Accept your husband for what he is and not what you want him to be. #MarriedWomen

Posted By Valentino Godwin

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