Blog Reader Needs our Advice … Urgently

My name is Dave and I have a little problem I will like you to share wit the house. I’m a graduate but my girlfriend is still in  school. We love each other and hope to tie the knot in future. 
Last week I and my girlfriend decided to review our relationship and strengthen all the
loose ends by opening up to each other. My girlfriend made a shocking confession that is given me cause to worry. There was this guy that she once told me was on her case some time back. She said the guy was coming very close she once thought of dating the guy alongside me. That the thought of double dating usually creep into her mind but because she loves me so much she always fights it. 
My problem now is – if she can actually think of it then she might possibly do it. What should I do because since then I have been finding it difficult to trust her anymore. I
 have never cheated on her and the thought of her cheating on me is killing me. Should I still trust her? Isn’t there a possibility she might succumb to that thought and follow it? 
Please just advise a brother…yea I know you guys will say I love like a girl but it’s not
my fault. I love this girl and I know she loves me more.

Posted By Valentino Godwin

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