NEWS IN PICTURE: Efya Owusu posted her ‘Dirty’ Armpit Online

Some Africans have always been blamed for trying too hard to emulate the Western world, which they do negatively. Even though many have argued that civilisation started in Africa, it is not an understatement that Africa is still lagging behind.

It is not a secret that some superstars in the US make public their supposed ‘private parts’ all for publicity sake, however, such is not supported in Africa. 

But with the latest trends, especially being displayed by the likes of Cossy Orjakor, Maheeda and Afrocandy, and with the huge media attention given to these people, some aspiring stars in Africa are gradually embracing these acts widely believed to be indecent.

Recently, picture of a Ghanaian actress named Efya Owusu in a see-through top surfaced on the internet. But the actress did not work on her armpit, which appeared to be very dirty. Her armpit was looking very dark, which some say is disgusting. One cannot imagine what scent would be produced from that region, let alone from the….

Can anyone tell Efya to get Dencia’s controversial cream to lighten up her armpit before taking such picture next time?

Posted By Valentino Godwin


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