Chika Amalaha, Nigeria’s 2014 Commonwealth Games weightlifting gold medallist, said in Glasgow, Scotland that her target was to win at the 2016 Olympics scheduled for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Amalaha won gold on Friday in the women’s weightlifting 53 kg category.
The gold medallist revealed that dedication, determination and discipline were the three Ds which would propel her to victory at the 2016 Olympics.

GOLDEN GIRL . . . Nigeria’s gold medalist Chika Amalaha competing in the women’s weightlifting 53kg class, at the SECC Precinct during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, Photo: AFP PHOTO
Amalaha said she was already working on her strategy for the Olympics the same way she did with the five Ps of “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”.
She said this ensured her success in Glasgow.
“Before I landed in Glasgow for this Commonwealth Games, I prepared very well. I always worked with my five Ps, which is ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’.
“So, I had to work hard to prevent poor performance and I worked for the gold and for the record.
“The next thing is for me to be determined, discipline and dedicated, which is what I will use to work for the next Olympics,” Amalaha said.
She also pointed out that the series of competitions lined up for her would help prepare her for the Olympics.
“I have some competitions ahead and I have to train for them. This is to prepare very well to ensure I go for the gold in Olympics.”
“I hope to sustain this feat with my three Ds of ‘dedication, determination and discipline’. That is the only way to prosper.
“So, I have to prepare well for every competition and I always dedicate myself with a sense of discipline to achieve result.
“At my first attempt, I told God that I need him to be the rope of my hand and the strength of my body.
“When I was going for the second attempt, I was nervous and, due to tension, I had to go back and a spirit told me to go there and pull the weight speedily, and that it is a baby weight for me.
“I then commanded the weight and it moved with me,” Amalaha said.
She commended other Nigerians and her coach for the opportunity given to her to showcase her talent at the ongoing Commonwealth Games.
It would be recalled that Amalaha had also won gold in the 58kg weight category at the African Youth Games in Gaborone, Botswana in May.
She lifted 87kg in snatch then, to set a new African record.
The athlete went ahead to lift 102kg in the clean and jerk which was equally an African record

Posted By Valentino Godwin


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