Blog Reader’s Hubby is Threatening to Send her Packing [Your Advice Needed]

Hello Dhiizkid, kudos on the nice work you are doing. God bless you and your home. I have a little problem – my husband is threatening to send me packing just after 8months of marriage. I’m yet to have my white wedding though we were planning it to come by next year February.

An old friend (male) called me one morning. He actually brought me my phone because I was busy in the kitchen. Hubby stood right in front of me so I panicked not knowing he heard the voice over the line. NB I have absolutely nothing with this caller.

I had to change the whole discussion not knowing hubby took the number and called. To cut the long story short, he confirmed it was a man that called and concluded I was cheating. I even had to tell him the truth thinking he will believe me me but he is still insisting I cheated and is still cheating. I feel so bad my parents all know about this and no one believes me. Please I need advice on how to save my marriage. Thanks in anticipation


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