Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve Great Success

Well, everybody wants to achieve great success in their life, and so do you, right? I know this because it is the reason you are reading this post of mine right now! However, reading this post alone will not get you what you want. You have to read, learn, and applywhat you have learned in order to achieve the great success you always desired.

Do’s and Don’tsThis is an interesting post, because you are going to find out the top 10 do’s and don’ts to achieve what you want in your life. By following all these do’s and don’ts, you will move yourself one step forward to your goals. A lot of people set their goals and they want to achieve great success, but only a few of them actually achieved what they want. I hope that you will be grouped in the minority, the success group.

So let us discover the top 10 do’s and don’ts in order to achieve what you want in your life. Let us start off with what you need to do in your life, the top 10 do’s…

Top 10 Do’s

1. Set Your Goal. Yes, you have to set your goal. This is an old school, and I believe you know why you need to set goals, right? If you don’t know why you need to set your goals today, please read Why You Need to Set Goals Today. Goals do not only help you to stay focused in what you do, if your goals are excited, they can even propel and drive you into action. If there is one thing that can make you successful, I’d say it is goal setting. This is how important goal setting is in our life. So make sure you know what you want to achieve and you have a goal before you sleep tonight.

2. Take Massive and Consistent Action. Another old school success factor. Nothing is going to automatically in our life, you have to take action and make things come true. If you just think about wanting to become a millionaire but you did not actually take the necessary action, nothing is going to happen. Just like after you read a wealth book that teaches you how to make money, if you did not apply the techniques in that book, you will not be rich. Even if there is a magic button that can make you a millionaire, you still have to move your hand on to the mouse, and hover the mouse cursor over that button and actually click on it. So remember, it is action that determines you great success. Even if you are lazy, take a few small steps that will lead you to what you want everyday, this way, you will slowly move toward your goals.

3. Pay 100% Commitment. A lot of people want to be successful, they want to be rich, they want to be financially independent. However, only a small percentage of them achieved what they want. This is because this small percentage of people are truly the one that 100% committed to achieve their goals. They will do basically everything to achieve great success in their life, within moral and ethics of course. I know that you want to be successful. The question now is, are you 100% committed to success? Will you do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true?

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. The more comfort you are, the more resist to change you will be. If you truly desire great success, you have to stay away from your comfort zone. The feeling of staying in your comfort zone is nice, but it will not bring you the things that you want in your life. I know that relaxing and enjoying are great, but they will not bring you amazing result. Think about it, watching television and chatting online are fun, but will you be rich this way? Will you achieve what you want this way? So stay away from your comfort zone. If you are in your comfort zone, you will never achieve what you want in your life.

5. Never Give Up. No matter how hard life seems to be, don’t give up and give lousy excuses by blaming other things. If you fail to make more money, don’t give up and don’t blame the economy. The moment you give up, you will lose a lot of your effort which you have put in before. So no matter how hard it is, no matter what kind of obstacles you face in your life, cope with them and overcome them. Let me tell you this, every problem or question arises has a solution, if there is no solution for it, it is not a problem.

6. Stay Motivated and Keep Your Momentum Going. Why someday you feel motivated and why some of the day you feel like boring and no energy at all? You have to learn how to motivate yourself, develop the momentum and how to keep that momentum going. Motivation is not a skill, you have to do it everyday. Therefore I encourage you to read my blog, subscribe to it, read more motivation materials and once you are driven, keep yourself on that state by doing even more. This is the best way of achieving great success in your life.

7. Be More Aggressive in Taking Action. Success will not come without failure. Mark my words, you will have to fail a lot of times before you can achieve what you want in your life. In fact, it is the failure that will bring you to your success. It is the failure that will tell you what went wrong and you should change your strategies. So don’t worry in taking more action, aggressive action. You will fail no matter how clever or how lucky you are. Therefore, don’t worry about it, just take all the action and do it all out. You will find the right path to great success in the end.

8. Be Responsible in Everything You Do. Once you have taken massive action, there are only 2 outcomes, you either achieve what you want, or you fail to achieve it. So, it is just a matter of dealing with the outcomes. Well, most of the time you will fail because great success will not come the first time. Thus, the moment you fail, take the responsibility and tell yourself that you are using the wrong approach and the wrong strategies. Next, come up with new and better strategies, and go all out again. If you are not responsible and you start complaining or blaming others, you will never change because you are letting go the power to change on others. Hence, learn to be responsible in everything you do in your life.

9. Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Spend at least 30 minutes reading self-improvement materials everyday. You have to constantly improving yourself if you want great success. Only by constant and never ending improvement, you will keep yourself prepare and motivated throughout your life. By doing so, you will keep yourself driven all the time and you are developing your mind so that you will be ready for greater success. Where to find all the learning material? The answer is obvious, read my blog!

10. Enjoy, Even God Take One Day Off. You have to be balance to yourself. After you have taken massive action, spend some time to enjoy and relax. Once you have achieved some of your smaller goals, reward yourself, get one day off, go for a movie, go for spa and enjoy seriously. Yes, you have to be serious in enjoying your life as well!

There you have them, the top 10 do’s you must follow through if you really desire great success. Remember all of them, read them through over and over again. And the most important thing, DO and APPLY them in your life, don’t just read about them, use them!

So you have gone through the top 10 do’s, what about the top 10 don’ts? Here they are…

Top 10 Don’ts

1. Don’t Procrastinate. This is the number one killer of all great successes. If you want to be successful and achieve what you want in your life, don’t procrastinate. If you procrastinate, you will never achieve what you want. Many people have big dreams and they do set goals to achieve them. However, they will still fail to achieve what they want in the end. It is because they are not taking enough action. All they do is that they just dream and talk about the great success they always wanted, but they never really put in real action to make it comes true. Don’t be one of them!

2. Set Your Goal and Forget It. Don’t build the ‘set-and-forget’ mindset for your goals. This is about your future, your life, and it is not something that you can achieve in just a few hours or even days. It is a continuous process that maybe requires you years to achieve it. So if you set your goals and forget about them, you will never achieve what you want. That is why people often told you that you have to stick your goals somewhere you can see them often. You have to remind yourself about your dreams and goals everyday. Read and review your goals every night before you sleep.

3. Stay in Your Comfort Zone. This is the opposite of the one above in the top 10 do’s section. If you desire great success, then get out of your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone only means one thing, you will never change your life. If you are earning $1 million every year and you are satisfy with your result, it will be fine to stay and keep doing everything the same way. However, make sure that your business will keep on going, because if you are in your comfort zone, you are not willing to change. This means that you are doing things the same old way, and competitors may just overtake you anytime. That is why you have to get out of your comfort zone.

4. Keep Doing The Same Thing After You Fail. This is what most people will do. They are so eager to success, and they take massive action. And when they fail, they tell themselves that they are not hard working enough. As a result, they take even more action. Will they achieve the great success they want in the end? Not likely, because they are doing it the same way, and for sure, they will get back the same old result. If you fail to achieve your goals today, review your strategies, ask yourself whether you are using the right strategies. Don’t just keep on doing things without thinking. You want to do it not just hard, but smart in the same time as well. Extra information for you here, 3 Strategies How to Deal with Failure.

5. Don’t Do Everything At The Same Time, Stay Focused! Have you ever seen a laser beam? It is focused and it is so much powerful that it can cuts through everything that comes across. This is the kind of power that you need in order to achieve great success in your life. Can you write, read, listen and watching all at the same time? It is impossible, even if you can, the result you get is not as efficient as if you just stay focused and do just one of them in just one time. Therefore, stay focused in what you do everyday, don’t diversify your concentration. If you are reading wealth book, don’t listen to songs or even watch television. Take just one action in just one time. Don’t try to do everything all in the same time.

6. Don’t Let Your Emotion Control You. You know, you have to learn how to control and manage your emotion. Why? Because by controlling your emotion, you can achieve much more in your life. Think about it, if you are in a bad mood now, will all these information sink into your mind easily? I don’t think so. However, if you are in a very motivational state now, will you get even motivated by reading this post? Of course you will. So learn how to manage your emotion. This may seem like not important, but do not underestimate what your emotions can do to your life. Read this, 12 Keys to Success – Control Your Emotions, and you will know how your emotion can affect your life.

7. Don’t Blame and Give Lousy Excuses. Again, this is the opposite from the one in the do’s. Like what you already known, giving excuses and blaming will not change your life. If you fail your test in school, and if your choose to blame your teachers, you will never improve. Why? Because the fault is not on you, it is on your teachers! So for you, it is your teachers that have to change, and not you. Will you get better by doing so? No! However, if you take the responsibility and put the fault on yourself. You are telling yourself that you are not hard working enough, will you eventually take more action to read more and learn more? Of course you will, and this is how you will improve.

8. Don’t Hesitate of What You Can Achieve. Never to doubt about whether you can achieve the great success you always desire. You already possess the most powerful resource in the world, that is your mind. Think about it, what is the difference between you and successful people? Are they more talented that you? Are they more skillful than you? No, it is not that they have a bigger brain or they are more talented than you. It is because they focused in their field and that is what makes them the professional there. With that means, if you want to be the pro in your industry, learn more about, dream about it, sleep, drink, eat and breathe about it all the time. This will make you the pro in your industry. Think about it, why Tiger Woods is the best in golf while Michael Jordan is top in basketball? They have more legs or more hands than you? Impossible! It is because they focused in their field, and if they can do it, so can you!

9. Don’t Be Selfish and Keep All Your Knowledge and Experience. You know, if you want to be successful today, you have to help people, teach people what you knew. If you are a very successful person today, make sure that you teach people how you get there. Inspire people and bring people get to the point just like where you are. This is the golden rule of life, if you want to be successful, then you should help people achieve what they want in their life first. Once you did this, people will repay your effort and make you the person you want to be. If you want to be a millionaire today, solve people’s problem or make them rich. After you have take the elevator up to a higher level in your life, don’t forget to send it down so that people can come up. Don’t just succeed alone, succeed together.

10. Don’t Just Read About This Post, Take Action Now!Yes, this is what you need to do right now, take immediate action. Don’t just sit there staring at your monitor, don’t just read this post, do what you are suppose to do right now. If you don’t know what you want in your life, find out the answer right now. If you know what you want, but haven’t set your goals, do that right now. If you know what you want, you have set your goals, then take action to make your goals come true now. Don’t wait, just do it. Don’t worry even if you don’t know how to achieve your goals, just do whatever you think is possible. You will get it right automatically in the end.

Whew, this is a long post. And if you read up until this point, congratulations. I knew that 50% of people who read this post will not read it until this point. And if you do, you are already one step ahead of the others.

What I want to tell you now is, great success is about putting what you think into action. Everything happens twice, once in your mind, and once in reality. That means, success is a 2-step process. The first step is that you need to have the idea of what you want to achieve. You will have to deal with your inner self. The second step is an external step, where you have to take action to make it come true.

By following these 2 simple steps, I believe that you can achieve whatever you want in your life. Remember, everything happens for a reason, so make the great success you desire come true to you.


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