Sometimes we tend to ask God questions on why certain things are happening to us. Being the human that we are, we just cannot understand the supernaturalism of God. Job was a devoted son of God, yet God allowed the devil to test his faith and belief in God, although the test came with an exception, the devil must not tamper with Job’s soul. After losing much of his belongings and assets and even lost his children and wives, he NEVER grumbled nor murmur neither did he ask God questions. If it were to be us, we would had started reminding God how faithful we are(like He doesn’t know),we would had told God the countless people we had helped(like He doesn’t see),we would had called his attention to how much we pay as offering every Sunday and how we don’t default in paying our tithes. Some people will even tell God of how they helped the church, clothed the pastor, fed his family and how active they are in church activities and next is “God after all this, WHY is all this calamities befalling me?”
In whatever situation you find yourself, the best way to come out of it proud is to NEVER question God, instead look for reasons and ways to THANK Him. Appreciating God shames the devil and glorifies God. A school student is surely going to have a test or examination to move into a greater class, so also as a believer, your FAITH is subject to test. You might have been so faithful to God and just fall off His zone because you questioned Him in time of trial or temptation. Even Jesus was tempted on the mount by the devil.
Students read textbooks and notebooks to pass their examinations, now you must be wondering what to do so has to know and pass temptations when any arise? READ and UNDERSTAND the Bible which is God’s holy book. There you would find out all about His promises for you, what he expects and what you should do. Also be ACTIVE in prayer and NEVER doubt God’s word.
As you countdown into 2015, whatever your soul desires, so shall it be given unto you through Christ our Lord.