I’m dating Alao Malaika for fun not for marriage – Tayo Odueke

Sultry Yoruba actress, Tayo Odueke, popularly known as Sikiratu Sindodo, has confirmed that she is back in the arms of ace Fuji musician, Alao Malaika. The duo have, in the past, been playing hide and seek with the media, denying their romance even when evidence showed that they were up to something.



In a recent chat, the actress, who dated MC Oluomo, the NURTW boss, some years back, confessed she is dating the musician, saying both of them were having fun as two people dating each other. According to her,  marriage is however out of the picture.

“Some people called, asking me if it’s true that I am getting married to Alao Malaika soon. I told them I am not getting married anytime soon. But it is true that  Malaika and I are back together. We are dating for fun now. No marriage plans in sight”, she said

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Mary Konye jailed for 12 years for acid attack on Naomi Oni








The jealous girlfriend who threw acid in the face of Nigerian girl Naomi Oni while wearing a veil as a disguise in December 2012 has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for the vicious attack. Mary Konye, 22, (pictured left) was sentenced today March 21 at Snarebrook Crown Court in the UK. Naomi, also 22, was not in court for the hearing today

Naomi suffered burns to her face. leg, arm and chest in the attack that left her scarred for life. Do you think 12 years is appropriate for the crime?

20 corpses of ritual victims uncovered in Oyo

Also, 18 men and five women, believed to have been bewitched and bound with fetters in a dungeon, were found and rescued.

One of the rescued victims believed to have been bewitched and bound with fetters in a dungeon, in Soka, Oluyole local government area of Oyo State.

One of the rescued victims believed to have been bewitched and bound with fetters in a dungeon, in Soka, Oluyole local government area of Oyo State.

The rescued victims looked emaciated. One of the women was said to have been delivered of a baby who was sold to a waiting buyer among those who always thronged the secluded area at night to buy human parts.
Some of the captives were too weak to tell their stories.
It was gathered that some Fulani cattle rearers grazed their cattle in the bush around the area.

A suspect identified as Akeem Isiaka (38) was arrested in connection with the incident and taken to Sanyo Police Station.
Containers and wells containing human parts including skulls were also discovered in the bush.

A woman, Titi Adeniyi, who managed to speak, said she had been held captive for more than two years.Another captive, Tunji Alabi, who said he was a bus conductor before he became a victim of the ritualists, could not say much.

Oyo State Police Command PRO, SP Olabisi Clet-Ilobanafor, said some arrests had been made over the discoveries

Mass burial for Saturday Kaduna villages attack victims


Jos : A file picture taken on March 8, 2010 in Dogo Nahawa shows natives gathering at a mass burial of their kinsmen killed during a religious crisis. At least 100 people were killed in weekend attacks on three AFP PHOTO

Jos : A file picture taken on March 8, 2010 in Dogo Nahawa shows natives gathering at a mass burial of their kinsmen killed during a religious crisis. At least 100 people were killed in weekend attacks on three AFP PHOTO


KADUNA — The remains of about 150 Southern Kaduna natives, were, yesterday, buried in a mass grave in Unguwant Gata, Maroa Chiefdom of Karua Local Government Area of the state, according to a local chief from the area.

Sankwai, Tekum and Unguwan Gata villages in Maroa Chiefdom were, Saturday, invaded by what villagers said were Fulani gunmen, killing no fewer than 200 natives and burning the three villages, after plundering them.

It was gathered that all Southern Kaduna villages  were sombre, over the attacks, as special prayers were offered for the deceased in all churches.

Meanwhile, the   Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, SOKAPU, the umbrella body for ethnic nationalities in the southern part of Kaduna State, has said that the people of the area, have no choice than to defend themselves against the frequent attacks and  killings by the Fulani gunmen.

Addressing newsmen, yesterday, in Kaduna, President of SOKAPU, Dr. Ephraim Goje, said that the persistent attacks and massacres of their people was a clear indication that the government  and the security agencies were not capable of  protecting them.

He said the people were being pushed to the wall as they were being killed and their homes and property destroyed, adding that it had become imperative for them to defend themselves by whatever means necessary.

Goje  said, “the Fulanis have unofficially declared war on our people. No community has the monopoly of violence, so our people are being pushed to a level that we may take certain actions aimed at defending ourselves and our land in order to put an end to this impunity and senseless killings.”

He added that over 5,000 people had been displaced in the 40 attacks on communities in the southern part of the state since 2011.

“We have identified the perpetrators as Fulani herdsmen as responsible for the attacks and killings, but each time we raise this observation, the Fulani socio-cultural organisations within the state have out-rightly denied the involvement of their people, asking for proofs.”

He added that two Fulani youths in Manchok led Saturday’s  attack, during which 219 people were killed, noting that the Fulani youths died in the process and their corpses were identified by the locals.

“The recent attack was led by two well known young Fulanis resident in Manchock town, who died in the process. Their dead bodies had clearly and unambiguously been identified by the natives and their corpses are now kept by the Joint Task Force, JTF, Command in Kafanchan for further forensic screening.

“This has clearly vindicated us and confirms our earlier position that the Fulanis have declared a jihad on the people of Southern Kaduna and Nigeria, evidenced by this genocide in Bondong, the murder in Katsina State, Birnin Gwari, Plateau, Zamfara, Taraba, Benue, among others.

“In some of these attacks, suspects had been arrested and handed over to security agencies for prosecution, only for the culprits to be seen working freely on the streets the next day.

“What comes to our minds now is that, truly, the Fulanis have unofficially declared war on our people. Let it be placed on record that no community has the monopoly of violence, so our people are being pushed to the wall and we may take certain steps aimed at defending ourselves and our land in order to put an end to this impunity,” Goje warned.

He lamented the lack of collaboration between security agencies in Kaduna and Plateau states, noting that the attackers often come in from the Plateau axis to attack Atakar and Marwa chiefdoms, which are bordering Plateau State, adding that each time they are chased by security agents from Kaduna State, they run to the Plateau where they walk freely to celebrate their so-called victories

Biola Ige, Muna Obiekwe x-rated picture update: I don’t remember sucking Biola’s … – Muna

Nollywood actress, Biola Ige, and Enugu-based actor, Muna Obiekewe, have not been resting easy since a picture, portraying the two Thespians allegedly smooching, with Muna sucking Biola’s boobs went viral online.

Biola talked to me last week to explain her position, claiming that, what appeared in the picture must have been a trick of photoshop because, according to her, the scene never took place, during, before or after shooting of the film ‘Pregnant Hawkers’.

Now, Muna, based in Enugu, has opened up on the matter. It was quite hard, getting the fair-skinned actor to talk as he brusquely told me he doesn’t grant interviews, challenging me to bring any interview he has granted before.


Biola, Muna

I told him there is always a first time and the line went dead only for him to call back the next day to say, indeed, there is always a first time to everything in life. Here is our conversation:

Are you aware there is an x-rated picture of you and Biola Ige all over the internet, both of you partially naked, with you, sucking her boobs?

I was made aware of it. I don’t remember the movie. I also don’t remember sucking Biola’s breasts. If the movie exists, that scene never took place.

The film is ‘Pregnant Hawkers’ and were you and Biola Ige involved in any sensual scene where you were both nude, making love, real and unreal?

Like I told you, I don’t recall the movie. I do a lot of movies and I can’t remember what happens in all of them. The fact that I don’t recall means that the movie was shot a long time ago. Probably three or more years back. when love scene  was in vogue with producers. I’m still searching for the movie to acquaint myself with the story.

There has never been anything between myself and any actress that I’ve made a movie with. My romantic relationships have always been outside the movie industry. I don’t take my work home.

But you seem to have the knack for romantic scenes. Why?

Love making scenes are normal in movies. When we   see them in foreign movies it’s nothing. But when it’s done here, people start questioning actors morality. Bear in mind that these scenes are not shot the way it’s finally seen when the movie comes out. Nothing ever actually happens. Not with about ten people in the production crew in the room with you.

I want to add that the aim in making movies is to enlighten people. You want them to see exactly what’s happening in the world around them. You want them shocked into action against whatever it is you’re trying to portray. Avoiding to touch, the sensibilities of people only result in those things you want seen and treated, ignored. In that regard, I try to make my acting as real as possible without actually doing something wrong.

How do you feel being labelled a porn star, because some people feel that is what you are actually becoming in the industry

I’m not a porn star and I never will be. Love making scenes are sometimes inclusive in a movie and should be done with class. Sometimes editors and directors don’t edit or direct well and it comes out wrong. Will you call any of the American or British movie stars a porn star?

As a top brand in Nollywood and as a sex symbol: how do you handle advances from women?

I avoid them. And please, I’m not a sex symbol. I’ve done two hundred movies, out of which only about ten of them have anything concerning sex. Why are people concentrating on those? An actor, before he can be acknowledged as one, has to play quite a number of roles in his career

Mascherano: Ronaldo will be hard to stop in Clasico

The 29-year-old defender has warned his Blaugrana team-mates that the Portuguese can score from out of nowhere, but has stressed Lionel Messi is the best player he has ever seen

Mar 21, 2014 9:30:00 AM
Javier Mascherano Barcelona

By Pilar Suarez

Javier Mascherano has acknowledged that Barcelona face a tough task to stop Cristiano Ronaldo in Sunday’s Liga game against Real Madrid.

The Portugal international has been in stunning form in 2013-14, scoring 41 goals in 37 appearances in all competitions, and Mascherano has warned his team-mates that they cannot afford to give the prolific attacker any space.

“Cristiano is an extraordinary player who has won the Ballon d’Or for that exact reason. He can score a goal from out of nowhere,” the versatile Blaugrana defender told Goal.

“He has a lot of quality and a tough job awaits when we face him. It will be hard to stop him and I hope that he will not be at his best on Sunday.

“We will try to keep him on a tight leash and not give him any space, but he’s the kind of player who can still hurt you even if you mark him tight.

“In the end, players like him are among the best in the world. With Ronaldo, his goals are often the result of his ability rather than of defensive mistakes.”

Nevertheless, Mascherano has insisted that Barcelona possess an even bigger threat in Lionel Messi.

“Leo just keeps improving his own records,” the 29-year-old said of his fellow Argentine. “We are talking about a player who has marked an era.

“He will continue to score goals in the years to come as he is still young.

“It’s hard to find words to describe Leo. Every positive word seems to have been used already to praise him.

“Is he better than [Diego] Maradona? It’s all subjective because everybody looks at things differently.

“I think that Leo has shown a lot of things. I don’t like to compare them as they played in different eras. All I can say is that Leo is the best player I have seen in my life.”

The versatile defender then went on to discuss this weekend’s Clasico and made it clear that Barca prefer to do their talking on the pitch rather than make bold claims in the build-up to the game.

“You don’t say that you’re superior,” the former Liverpool midfielder argued. “You have to show these things on the pitch. We have to go out there and win in order to show who’s best.

“Madrid currently top the table and it’s up to us to give our best. We must realise that it’s a final for us and need a great day.

“There are no guarantees going into this game. We have lacked a certain consistency in 2014 that we did have in previous years.”

Barcelona beat Madrid 2-1 at Camp Nou earlier this season but go into this weekend’s fixture at the Santiago Bernabeu third in La Liga, four points behind the table-topping Blancos.

Does the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111 offer lessons to Flight 370’s investigators?

Anderson Cooper 360

One possible explanation of what happened to Flight 370 is a fire forced the pilots to change course while attempting to manage the crisis. That’s exactly what happened 15 years ago to Swissair Flight 111. Randi Kaye takes a look back at the lessons learned from that tragedy.

Anderson discussed this with CNN aviation analysts Les Abend and Jim Tilmon, along with Ron Brown, an airline pilot with more than 30 years experience.

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