Don Jazzy Is A Beast

guess we can’t do away, yet, with the fact that Nigerian artistes now hype their song producers on almost every record they put out there. The idea must have come from the fact that the studio producers themselves are emerging from working in the background to becoming stars in their own right who can determine the popularity of a song with the media and ultimately, the fans. We all have those songs we fell in love with just because of the producer behind it.
While I’m not a fan of musical artistes going “producer so so so on the beat”, I must acknowledge the fact that there are those significant producers whose credits can not just be tucked away on some list on an album cover. Do we even have much albums with full production credits in Nigeria?
With a prominent hit-maker such as Don Jazzy in the music industry, artists can’t separate themselves from the degree of success and popularity they could receive from their records by hiring such a professional. With his distinctive yet versatile approach to music making, Don Jazzy has undeniably helped to upgrade several artistes to the top of their game. We don’t just listen to an artiste delivering a Don Jazzy production on a record, we listen to that perceptible brilliance he puts in the music too! Being a singer-songwriter and a record executive, Don Jazzy has not only given us contemporary hits (back-to-back) through the various artists he has worked with, but has also claimed a top space for himself as an all-round music producer. He has even made a significant mark on the Gospel music scene; having recently produced the new Gospel rave It’s My Time for Ayo Vincent. Truth is, you can’t put any genre past him. MAVIN’s boss would even produce a Fuji or Reggae song and it will become an anthem!
Not only is he recognized as a hit-making powerhouse in the Nigerian music sector, Don Jazzy’s humble demeanor and approach to the business is part of the experience that artists enjoy when working with him. He has contributed significantly to the music of Nigerian artistes who have become top acts and international sensations, the likes of Tiwa Savage, Naeto C, D’banj, Darey… Need I say more? Check through your Naija music playlists first. Compared to any other music producer that we have in Nigeria, it is certain we’ve had more Don Jazzy-produced hit songs on our radio, TV, and mobile playlists over the years.
Even when he’s working with those artistes who have made their mark on the industry, Don Jazzy’s sound is distinctive and almost instantly recognisable; the magic lies in that he is constantly producing the sort of record you fall in love with even before you find out who the producer is. Making hits is just what he does I guess.
Within a decade of practicing in the Nigerian music industry, Don Jazzy has produced seven albums and over one hundred hit singles for Nigerian and international artistes across all genres! “Over hundred hit singles”, yeah, you read that right! Any other producer who has come close to Jazzy’s pace in music production should please bare their portfolio for us to see! I wouldn’t even be surprised if a production contract with the MAVIN’s boss is titled “A Hit Music Production Contract.” Trust me, Don Jazzy can be caught stranded on planet Mars and he’d still be making beats with red dust! His production career is capped with remarkable success and endorsement deals among which is his Samsung Ambassadorship. And in that true Don Jazzy style, he goes beyond being a face for the brand and actually consults on the development of the sound engineering of their products such as the Samsung TVs, DVD players and sound systems.
His boundaries are seemingly limitless within the Nigerian music industry and a “Produced by Don Jazzy” hype or tag on a record is still an achievement that Nigerian artistes aspires for.
Don Jazzy is a beast , he’s a musical beast .

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